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Phillip Warrick with Texas Home Savers LLC did An Outstanding Job in staying abreast of the situation with very knowlegeable answers to all my questions and concerns.  Pasadena, historically for the price I needed, was very difficult to move with my previous Realtors for over 3 years.  Phillip Warrick moved it in 6 weeks and I was very satisfied with his efforts.  He also did it for less than typical realtor fees and got me even more for the house then I was asking.

I'm looking forward to future opportunities with Phillip Warrick .

Randy Wright
Randy Wright
6826 Cedar Point, Pasadena 77505, TX

Selling an older home; painless

Yes, it can happen.  When our 90 year old mother died, we called Phillip Warrick and his wife Lindsey Warrick with Texas Home Savers LLC .  Not only did he give us a very fair price, after we signed the contract we didn’t have to lift another finger.


·       Never pressured  us

·       Took care of any trash we couldn’t handle

·       Let us pick a closing date

·       Took care of all paper work

·       Made arrangement with the title  company

·       Took care of transferring the utilities

·       Put money in the bank within 3 hours of closing

·       Let us keep a key so when can go see the work during and after the “make- over”


Sharon and Bill Tummins

Sharon and Bill Tummins
Houston, TX

Mr. Phillip Warrick :

I would like for you and everyone to know how I feel about you and your company Texas Home Savers LLC at .  When I had my house on the market two different times, I didn't get one bite either time.  I got caught up like a lot of people in this economy and forced lay offs and packaged out.  As time went by I was getting worse and worse.  All I could see was going down hill and could not find a way up again.  On my second time trying to list the house I got a crazy looking handwritten yellow letter in the mail from Phillip Warrick and his wife Lindsey Warrick saying that you and your wife Lindsey wanted to buy my house.  I put the letter up and about 5 months later I picked it up again and started to look at it more seriously.  My time for the listing was coming to a close and again nothing.  I didnt' know you or your company Texas Home Savers LLC and I didn't know a thing about you.  After having a conversation with you and coming to an agreement I must admit I was very skeptical and Leery of you and your offer.  For a few months after getting my payments on time every time and having conversations with you, I started to have a lot of faith in you.  I found out that you are a very trust worthy friend.  I have to say I am very sorry for the way I felt at first and also found that you have a very good company you built over time.  It's a good feeling to know and find out that we still have very good people out there in this world and not to give up having faith.  thank you so much for being there for me when I needed the help.  If there is anything I can do for you please don't hesitate to call me and give me a chance to be a friend to you.  Thanks for giving me my faith back.

Thanks for everything,
John Granger
John Granger
Deer Park, TX

Dear Phillip Warrick and Lindsey Warrick :

I would like to thank you and your wife for all the help that you have
given me.  I previously had my home listed with a traditional realtor with
one of the largest companies in the country.  Nine months later, my home
still had not sold.  I was thinking that my home would not ever be sold.
At that point, I received a letter in the mail from Phillip and his wife Lindsey, at first I
hesitated to respond to an unsolicited offer but my wife insisted that I
at least give Phillip a call.  Once I did, I was not disappointed.
Phillip was very professional and understood what I wanted and what needed
to be done.  Less than 30 days later, my home was sold which gave me a
great relief.  Thanks to Phillip Warrick , Lindsey and the team at Texas Home Savers, I am now breathing a little easier.
Daniel Hamilton
Channelview, TX

What impressed me the most was that you and your company Texas Home Savers LLC preformed exactly as stated in our first phone interview.  The quoted process for evaluating the circumstances and then the process for services rendered were maintained.  The timeliness of your services and the ease of working with your staff over the telephone were beyond impressive.  Being weeks away from an ugly foreclosure due to an nonpaying tenant I thought we had no chance.  Your company was able to stop the foreclosure re-carpet,paint and spruce up the house on your own dime and get the house sold fast enough to help save the house and a foreclosure for ending up on my credit.  Thanks again for everything you did Lindsey and Phillip Warrick .
Craig Jackson
Seabrook, TX

Dear Mr. Phillip Warrick ,

            I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the continual care and support you have provided my family and I.  When we came to you for help 2 years ago I was at the end of my rope.  I was to the point that I was losing my home and I felt as if I had no where to turn.  That was when I discovered you.  You and your wife were so empathetic.  You understood what we were going through and you provided a helping hand.  All the promises you made then you kept.  You closed on the house quickly and acted patiently for us to get things squared away.

           Now, 2 years later I am excited to say that I have continued to develop a relationship with you and that you have kept your promise to take care of us and stand beside my family.  Though I hope I will never have to use your services again, I know now that I have a friend in the real estate business (just in case) and I would never think twice about referring anyone that is in a similar situation to you and your services at Texas Home Savers LLC.  Thank you for keeping your promises.


J Hopkins

Jared Hopkins
Pasadena, TX

Dear Lindsey and Phillip Warrick ,

     We were getting ready to close on our new home with all of the trimmings but we still did not have a contract on our old home. While we should have been celebrating and having housewarming parties, we were thinking we may have made a mistake and feeling the tension, pressure, and stress associated with trying to pay both house notes on an already strict budget. I tried to get someone to rent our old house so we could at least cover the note from that angle but we didn’t have any skills in advertising or any experience in managing a rental property. After several months, I heard about your company Texas Home Savers LLC through a co-worker. I was pretty comforted by what my co-worker shared with me and besides…………..what did I have to lose? When I called you it was as though the heavens had opened up to allow some sunshine on our “black cloud” situation. You guys took charge took charge of the home, contacted the mortgage company, and within what seemed like a few hours we were finally enjoying our new home. You advertised the property as being for rent with the possibility to own and very soon afterwards a small family moved in to enjoy the comfort of our old home just as we did for several years. We really were blessed to find you. You gave us the best housewarming gift you can get for a new home – happiness and peace of mind.

Thank you,

The Loftin Family

Bert Loftin
Pasadena, TX

Lindsey and Phillip Warrick ,

Thank you so much for helping me with the sale of my house.  I had been thru 2 realtors and we kept hitting dead ends trying to sell my house.  At last glance I was going to have to write a check to sell my house and was unsure how I was going to do that.  You were able to buy my house fast when others could not and I'm happy to be out from under those monthly payments.  Your company and everyone was professional and the only thing I had to do was show up at closing with a pen and Identification.  Thank God I got to leave my checkbook at home.  Now that I sold my house I can move into something cheaper and closer to work.  This will give me my life back by saving me time and money.  If you need to list me as a reference feel free to do so, I'd recommend to anyone

David Young
La Porte, TX

Phillip Warrick and Staff,

Just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for all your help towards getting us out of this house.  The devil keeps throwing all these stumbling blocks at me but we know our Lord is gonna get us thru all this.  Phillip and Lindsey you were an angel sent from above to get us out of here. I would love for you to use my letter and any time you need us or if a future customer wants to talk to us about any thing to reassure them of your loyal honestness with all the crazy fraud in the world its only natural for people to be careful. Thanks again for all you have done and GOD bless you and your precious family. Thanks for the inspiratinal website info we can never get enough good news.
Thanks again and have a blessed day!
Your friends in CHRIST,

Robert & Cindy Shults
Deer Park, TX

Lindsey and Phillip Warrick with

I needed to move to the other side of town and wanted to move quickly.  You guys got me a fair price and bought my house fast and in the time promised.  You guys were also fair, honest and professional.  Thank you again!
Alan Patterson
Pasadena, TX

This letter is reference to Mr. Phillip Warrick and the outstanding services he has provided me thru his company  Unfortunately, I found myself faced with an extreme amount of court costs and attorney fees for a custody case concerning my son. Unable to pay for both my nominal living expenses and the legal fees, I chose to pay for the legal costs associated with obtaining custody of my son.

My son being my number one priority, this choice was obvious. However, I subsequently fell behind on my mortgage. In a short matter of time, Phillip Warrick negotiated terms with my mortgage company and purchased my home. This enabled me to relocate without losing my home due to foreclosure. The quickness, professionalism, and excellent services Mr. Warrick provided are extremely appreciated and invaluable. I have no reservations recommending Phillip Warrick at to anyone!

W. Shupp

Will Shupp
Willis, TX

I would just like to thank Phillip Warrick with Texas Home Savers for doing a wonderful job in helping us save our house from foreclosure.  I only had 3 weeks and was of town for 2 of them and he stayed in constant contact with me.
Robin and Charles Snow
Robin and Charles Snow
Deer Park, TX

To whom It May Concern:
We are pleased to recommend Phillip Warrick , who we have known from his birth.
As the third child of a preacher/missionary, Phillip Warrick spent ten years of his early life in the country of Brazil, where he learned to survive.  As an American in the huge Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, Phillip was always a target.  Fortunately, he was a moving target.  He learned to do what was necessary to live in a country where he had to learn a second language as well as a different culture.  Phillip's family returned to the U.S. during his early teenage years.  Again he had to learn to survive because he felt like a foreigner in his own country.  He had to learn American teenage lingo, while again adapting to  differences in culture.
Phillip began his adult years working for his father in a family business, a sign shop.  Phillip learned not only what it meant to put in a full day's work, but also that there are rewards for hard work.  He saw the family business grow and flourish under his father's direction.  In the wake of his father's death, Phillip became the owner of the business.  He worked in the production, sales, distribution, and installation of various types of signs, managed employees and oversaw every aspect of the business, while starting a family of his own.  The experiences of learning to function in two different cultures and owning and operating a successful business have given Phillip a maturity beyond his years.
Desiring to spend more time with his young family, Phillip began to be interested in the financial opportunities that real estate and investing could bring.  He began to do research, attend seminars and take classes.  We spent a weekend with him in 2003 while he was in the early stages of this exciting new challenge and went away in awe of his growth in knowledge as well as his passion and direction.
We are convinced that Phillip's future will hold continued growth and prosperity, and it is with every confidence that we write this letter of recommendation for him.  He is a man that is truthful; he can be trusted, and he will fulfill his obligations.
Alan & Julie Sahmel

Alan & Julie Sahmel
Huffman, TX

Dear Lindsey and Phillip Warrick ,
I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate you guys taking over my house.  When it seemed like no one else wanted the house you came to the rescue.  Other investors had told me they wouldn't touch it because it was too risky.  I know you had to put a lot of money up to fix everything and make the home presentable.  I must admit that I had doubts in the beginning, but after seeing all the work you did and that you kept paying for the house even when no one was living there.  I felt confident that I had nothing to worry about.  By stopping the foreclosure and leaving the loan in my name, you're actually helping to improve my credit and I'll be able to buy a house of my own again one day.  If you guys need anything at all please feel free to call me anytime.
Thanks a Million,
Monty Garcia
Monty Garcia
La Porte, TX

Dear Phillip Warrick ,
My wife and I want to thank-you and your associates for what I know turned out to be a lot of work and planning.  What you were able to accomplish is quite amazing to me.  You really pulled my butt out of the grease and I do want you to know how much we appreciate it.  If I can recommend your services to anyone, I will be more than happy to do so.  Thank-you again for taking a lot of stress out of my life.
Sincerely yours,
Dr. D.A. McPearson

Dr. D.A. Mc Pearson
Deer Park, TX

Dear Lindsey and Phillip Warrick ,
Words cannot express how grateful we are to you.  This might no be your "typical" recommendation letter, but I just wanted you to know how I feel.  I just recieved a new CD, and there is a song that has blessed my heart.  It says...
 He's gonna take your pain
 He's gonna take your doubt
 He's gonna bring it all together

 Gonna make you happy
 He's gonna make you laugh out loud
 He's gonna bring it all together
 Bring it all together for good.

Thank you for helping us to laugh again.  Thank you so much for understanding and doing everything you can to help our situation.  We are so happy and excited that we are able to stay in our home while restoring our credit.  You never know who God will send to help you get through a certain situation.  We believe that He sent you to us, and that you are just another one of His angels.  Thank you once again for your sincere, helping heart.  We know He will bless you tremendously!
     By His Grace,
Deer Park, TX

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